Ed Rendell: President Shouldn't Go On 'The View'; Shouldn't Go On 'Springer' Either

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell on Tuesday came down on President Obama for going on ABC's "The View."

As NewsBusters previously reported, Obama on Thursday will become the first sitting president to appear on this daytime ladies talk show.

"I think there's got to be a little bit of dignity to the Presidency," Rendell told the crew at MSNBC's "Morning Joe." 

After some protests from host Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist, Rendell said, "I wouldn't put him on Jerry Springer either" (video follows with transcript and commentary): 

GOVERNOR ED RENDELL: I'm sort of with Pat, I mean, look, I think the President should be accessible, he should answer questions that aren't pre-screened, you made a good point about that, some of you, but I think there's got to be a little bit of dignity to the Presidency. And that, you wouldn't go on...

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: What are you saying, Ed?

WILLIE GEIST, HOST: What a horrible insult to the view.

BRZEZINSKI: Ed Rendell, what are you saying?

RENDELL: Well, I think there are some shows I wouldn't put him on, on Jerry Springer either, right? I saw your, I saw your Jerry Springer clip...


RENDELL: ...of the Bill Clinton lookalike.

BRZEZINSKI: This is different.

RENDELL: It is different a little bit. But, but look, you can, I think the President of the United States has to go on serious shows. And, and "The View" I think is a ser, you can make a case that "The View" is a serious show, but it also rocks and rolls a little bit, and I'm not sure he as to go on "The View" to get, to be open to questions, ad hoc questions.

Indeed. If he wants to field ad hoc questions, maybe Obama should go Fox News more regularly and actually be challenged rather than tossed softballs.

I'm just saying. 

Video courtesy our friends at Freedom's Lighthouse

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