Ed Schultz: I'm Sorry Beck's Going Blind - It's A Travesty He Won't See the Country He's Trying to Destroy

MSNBC's Ed Schultz on Thursday said he's sorry Fox News's Glenn Beck is going blind because "I think it's a travesty he's not going to see the country he's trying to destroy."

As the keynote speaker of the opening festivities of the ultra-liberal gathering known as Netroots Nation in Las Vegas, the "Ed Show" host also bashed President Obama. 

"They must have a War Room at the White House. I think they've got a Sissy Room, too...I didn't vote for that."

Continuing his unhinged rant, Schultz seemed emotionally scarred that Obama would go on Fox News's "Special Report" instead of his low-rated MSNBC program (video follows with partial transcript and commentary, h/t Naked Emperor News):

I busted my ass for Obama. I mean, I took my radio show on the road. I did town halls. Talked to the people. I turned the microphone over to the working folk of America. I asked them what they thought about healthcare, what they thought about the economy, what we thought about staying in wars forever. I went after it. And President Obama, he don't come to Ed. He goes to Bret Baier on Fox News in my time slot. Now, my show's gonna be okay. But if you were in my position, would you say, "What's that all about?" Loyalty. [...]

I'm really sorry that Glenn Beck's going blind because I think it's a travesty he's not going to see the country he's trying to destroy. Because that's what they're doing.

This man is suffering from a serious inferiority complex, and should seek therapy immediately.

That said, for those interested in more of this psycho talk: 

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