People Trust Facebook and Google More Than They Trust The Media

A new study found significantly more people trust tech giants Apple, Google, and Microsoft than they do traditional media.

Adding insult to injury, the relatively new social networking website Facebook is even more trusted than the media which 88 percent of respondents said they had little to no trust for. 

As reported last week, "A Zogby Interactive survey of U.S. adults found that among Apple, Microsoft and Google, 49% had trust in each of these brands. Twitter and Facebook were rated much more poorly, with trust levels of 8% and 13% respectively."

And here's the marvelous punch line (h/t NBer pvoce):


All of these companies except Twitter were trusted more than traditional media's 8%.  

America's news outlets should be so proud that a website created a few years ago by a college student looking to meet girls is more trusted than they are.

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