Memorial Day Special: Woman Writes Letters to Local Soldiers for 42 Years

Although we observe Memorial Day on the last Monday of May now, the original holiday was May 30.

With that in mind, we at NewsBusters wanted to begin our commemoration of those that have fallen nobly serving our nation by recognizing a living patriot.

Doris Ventres is an 82-year-old, eighth-generation American that has been handwriting letters to military members from her town of Ridgefield, Connecticut, since 1968.

As reported by Fox News's Laura Ingle a few weeks ago, here is Doris's spectacular story (h/t Brutally Honest):

"Mrs. V" as shes [sic] known, has been hand writing letters to U.S. soldiers from Ridgefield serving overseas for 42 years. This 82-year old 8th generation Ridgefielder was inspired to start her letter writing campaign one day while walking out of her local church. She explains, "I saw this nice plaque, a beautiful bronze plaque, in memory of two of the boys that had been killed at war. In fact, I went to school with one of them - and I thought - you know, why can't we do something about it before they are gone?"

That's when she got the idea to send hand written notes, detailing all the "goings on" at home, so that the troops from Ridgefield would feel included in the town's activities. Church plays, the changing of the colors of trees, even what the local fishermen were catching, no one has missed a thing thanks to Mrs. V. [...]

Many troops are so happy to hear from her, they not only write her back from the field, but stay in touch with her after they are discharged.


Troops write her back [sic] It's something that keeps her smiling from ear to ear. Doris has an entire room in her house dedicated to her letter writing, and keeps every memento, letter, and flag she has received over the years. She calls it her "Memory Room" [sic]


On March 19, Doris was honored for her service by the American Red Cross at its Western Connecticut 2010 Heroes Breakfast. 



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