Mediaite Gushes: 'Obama Kills At White House Correspondents Dinner'

Despite Saturday's White House Correspondents' dinner being a staggering bore from a comedy perspective, Mediaite's senior editor felt President Obama killed.

"Well if his day job doesn't end up working out President Barack Obama may have a comedy career to fall back on," wrote Glynnis MacNicol Saturday evening.

"Poor Jay Leno, after the the whole Team Coco debacle he now has to follow a President who can bring the funny," She continued. "Serious funny."

Serious funny?

Well, here's a video of Obama supposedly being "Serious funny." Decide for yourself (video follows with commentary):

I've been watching these things for years, and Saturday's was far and away the most boring and least entertaining WHCD in a while.

In fact, after Obama finished, I tweeted:


In fairness, Leno wasn't much better; it might have been the worst performance of Leno's life.

But does that mean Obama "killed" or they both bombed?

I think the latter - how about you? 

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