Tina Fey As SNL Host Mocks Sarah Palin and Tea Party Members

Tina Fey hosted NBC's "Saturday Night Live" last evening, and as expected, reprised her role as former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

Dressed in black leather, Fey began by going after Tea Party members referring to them as "protesters dressed like Paul Revere who are so overweight they picket from folding chairs."

Next, Fey introduced the "Sarah Palin Network," which will feature hit movies like, "My Daughter Only Sprained Her Ankle, You Can't Seriously Be Considering Euthanizing Her."

"But not all our programming is fear-based," she said before highlighting SPN's lineup of shows like "Tea Party Wheel of Fortune," "Are You Smarter than a Half-Term Governor?" and "Hey Journalist, I Gotcha," in which Palin re-edited interviews to make it look like her interviewers - Katie Couric for example - were "woefully unprepared" (video follows):

All things considered, with everything that has happened in America since Fey last impersonated Palin, it was really she and her writers that seemed woefully unprepared.

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