George Will, Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson School Arianna Huffington

For the second time in six days, liberal publisher Arianna Huffington stuck her foot in her mouth on national television only to get corrected by numerous others on camera.

Appearing on Sunday's "This Week" on ABC, Huffington foolishly claimed that Supreme Court justices John Paul Stevens and David Souter would never be appointed by a Republican President today due to "how far the Party has traveled," obviously meaning to the Right.

All three of her fellow Roundtable panelists were quick to correct her flawed logic beginning with Sam Donaldson (video follows with partial transcript, relevant section at 9:20):

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON: But [Sen. Jon] Kyl was never willing to answer your question whether he considered any of the frontrunners as ideologically too extreme. And really, that's the reason why the President just needs to decide who he wants to nominate and not just try to avoid a fight, because just remember both Stevens and Souter were nominated by Republican presidents. Can you ever imagine a Republican right now nominating either of them? That's how far the Party has traveled, and that's why a fight will not be avoided.

SAM DONALDSON: But Stevens when he was nominated first on the Court was a moderate-conservative in his decisions. He evolved, if that's the right word.

COKIE ROBERTS: Well, as did the Court. I mean, I interviewed Gerry Ford about his nomination of Stevens, a few years ago, right, shortly before he died, and he said, he said, "He's turned out to be one of the most liberal members of the current Court of which was not something that I envisioned." He said, "But he's a very, he's a very good legal scholar, and still support him."

GEORGE WILL: Yes, Eisenhower said when asked if he made some mistakes he said, "Yes, two of them are sitting on the Supreme Court." He meant Brennan and Warren. But also, Arianna, no Democrat today would nominate Felix Frankfurter as Roosevelt did, and no Democrat would nominate Whizzer White as Jack Kennedy did.

DONALDSON: Yeah, White turned out to be a very conservative member of the Court.

Readers are reminded that just last Tuesday, Huffington stuck her foot in her mouth on the set of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" only to be humiliated by former mayor Rudy Giuliani, Mort Zuckerman, and Joe Scarborough.

With this in mind, either Huffington needs to be advised by producers and schedulers to stick to the facts rather than inflammatory hyperbole when on such programs, or maybe these same folk should understand that with her, they're getting someone prone to making statements lacking any veracity whatsoever.

In short, she should stick to the prime time programs on MSNBC where facts are irrelevant. 

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