Media Myth Debunked: More People Agree With Tea Party's Views Than Obama's

As media members work overtime to convince the public that Tea Partiers are racist, homophobic, right-wing extremists, a new poll finds that more people agree with the views of the growing movement than President Obama's?

Will so-called journalists, if they even pay attention to this revelation, just conclude that such folks are also racists?

Ponder as you review the summary of a just-released Rasmussen poll:

On major issues, 48% of voters say that the average Tea Party member is closer to their views than President Barack Obama. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 44% hold the opposite view and believe the president’s views are closer to their own.
Not surprisingly, Republicans overwhelmingly feel closer to the Tea Party and most Democrats say that their views are more like Obama’s. Among voters not affiliated with either major political party, 50% say they’re closer to the Tea Party while 38% side with the President.

Interestingly, Rasmussen reported last week "47% of voters felt closer to the views of Tea Party members than to Congress. Only 26% felt closer to Congress."

As most members of Congress are white, it seems tough to make the case that those agreeing with the views of Tea Party members over legislators are racists...but that's not likely to stop Obama-loving press members, is it?

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