David Letterman: 'Top Ten Signs Rahm Emanuel Is Nuts'

In a clear sign liberal media elites are growing weary of the White House, comedian David Letterman went after President Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel Tuesday evening.

During the "Top Ten" segment of the "Late Show," Letterman counted down the signs that Emanuel is nuts.

Before beginning the list, Letterman explained with shocking detail that this was precipitated by Rep. Eric Massa's (D-N.Y.) assertion that Emanuel once cornered him in the Congressional shower room wearing nothing but an evil grimace.

Maybe most surprising, Letterman managed to lampoon the COS without once referencing to Sarah Palin (video embedded below the fold with transcribed list, h/t Story Balloon):

10. Every morning takes a leak off the Truman balcony
9.  President Obama smokes cigarettes; Rahm eats them
8.  Spotted today at Toyota dealership
7.  He's leaving Obama to become a special advisor to Richard Nixon
6.  In a fit of rage, he snapped Dennis Kucinich in half
5.  Changing his name to Rahm Emanuel Lewis
4.  Refers to every cabinet official as "Clarkie"
3.  Recently got into heated policy debate with his stapler
2.  You mean, besides walking around D.C. naked?
1.  Even Andy Dick is telling him to chill  

Following "Saturday Night Live's" pointed attack on the Administration this weekend, it appears broadcast network comedians and their writers are finally beginning to feel comfortable going after this White House. 

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