SNL on Wolf Blitzer: 'Such an Exciting Name for Such a Boring Man'

The "Saturday Night Live" team last evening mocked CNN and many of its most prominent personalities, in particular, Wolf Blitzer.

"Such an exciting name for such a boring man," said actor Jason Sudeikis in a marvelous Blitzer costume.

CNN personalities weren't the only target, for the sketch also lampooned the network's use of citizen journalists via the Internet and cell phone videos.

"Once again, CNN asks, are you there?" said Sudeikis. "Are you on the scene?" 

"Then send us your updates and send us your photos," he continued. "In other words, do our job for us" video embedded below the fold with transcript, h/t Story Balloon):

JASON SUDEIKIS AS WOLF BLITZER: Good evening, I'm Wolf Blitzer, such an exciting name for such a boring man. Tonight, on the "Situation Room," campuses across America are in turmoil. Students in over 30 states have rallied to protest a rise in tuition in the face of sweeping budget cuts. Once again, CNN asks, are you there? Are you on the scene? Then send us your updates and send us your photos. In other words, do our job for us.

We go now live to another part of the studio where senior political analyst Gloria Borger will read a stranger's e-mail.

KRISTEN WIIG AS GLORIA BORGER: Thank you, Wolf. This just in, Mike D'agastino from UC Davis writes -- "I think the real problem on campus is the food. Why I got to eat turkey burgers every day? And why they don't serve dinner at 3AM when I hungry. And where my Frisbee at?" Probing questions, Mike. Back to you, Wolf.

SUDEIKIS: Thank you, Gloria. Now I understand we just received a photo from a student at UC Berkeley. It's titled breaking development. Let's just put the photo on TV without even screening it. Terrific. Well, we've heard from the young and vibrant. Now, let's hear from the old and cranky with our own Jack Cafferty.

BILL HADER AS JACK CAFFERTY: Hello, Wolf. I'm reporting live on the scene in the CNN studio, sitting right next to you. I've got something here called a tweet from Colorado State. It reads, "Can't w8 to c u you all @ the par-ty pantz optinal..." I believe he meant optional. "B.Y.O condams, haha. 4 real tho no shirtz." Thank you, @finger-blaster69. Great stuff. Back to you, Wolf.

SUDEIKIS: Thank you, Jack. Breaking news out of the University of Florida. CNN has obtained a cell phone video of what I'm told is a student leader about to give an important speech. ♪♪ It's a party it's a party ♪♪

Excuse me, sir. Sir! ♪♪ It's a party it's a party ♪♪♪♪

Well, that's just wonderful. And finally, for an international perspective, we go now to our own Christiane Amanpour on location.

NASIM PEDRAD AS CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: Good evening, I'm Christiane Amanpour. And I am indeed on location in the CNN parking lot after I accidentally locked my ID badge inside my Subaru. I have obtained yet another unverified, unchecked, unscreened cell phone video, this time from the Sorbonne in Paris. ♪♪ It's a party it's a party ♪♪♪♪

SUDEIKIS: Fantastic. We'll take a break. When we return, our own Rick Sanchez signs in to Chatroulette to get a new perspective from America's genitals. I've been Wolf Blitzer, and you've been asleep.

Interesting that "SNL" would go after CNN's fascination with New Media, as NewsBusters noticed the same thing during last Saturday's coverage of the Chilean earthquake and resulting tsunamis.

In the end, the incorporation of new technologies into reporting should make the content more exciting.

Apparently the folks at CNN haven't figured that out yet making it perfect material for "SNL" writers. 

Readers are advised that Jenny Slate was originally reported to have played the part of Christiane Amanpour.

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