Dallas Tea Party Takes On Keith Olbermann and 'White' MSNBC

February 22nd, 2010 4:28 PM

The Dallas Tea Party has taken on Keith Olbermann's claim last week that members of the movement are all white.

As NewsBusters reported last Monday, the "Countdown" host did a Special Comment that evening concluding with the question to Tea Party activists, "Why are you surrounded by the largest crowd you will ever again see in your life that consists of nothing but people who look exactly like you?"

With this in mind, the Dallas Tea Party published a video Monday not only responding to Olbermann's absurd accusation, but also inviting him to attend the one year anniversary of the Tea Party movement in Dallas this coming Saturday (video embedded below the fold, h/t Angry White Dude):

KEITH OLBERMANN: Let me ask all of you who attend these things: How many black faces do you see at these events?

NARRATOR: Well, Keith, we see a whole lot more at our events than we see on MSNBC. In fact, we have more diversity on our three-person steering committee than your entire TV network line-up...Something tells me you've never been to a Tea Party. We think it's time you get out of your bubble.

Tea Partiers shouldn't hold their breath waiting for Olbermann's attendance.