Breitbart Takes On Salon's Blumenthal For Calling O'Keefe Racist

Conservative publisher Andrew Breitbart had a heated exchange with Salon's Max Blumenthal at CPAC Saturday.

A few weeks ago, Salon published an article by Blumenthal disgracefully titled "James O'Keefe's Race Problem."

The subheadline was even worse: "A photo of the righty stuntman at a white-nationalist confab illustrates a career marked by racial resentment."

With pressure from Breitbart's website Big Journalism, Salon was forced to issue a correction.

Regardless, when Breitbart bumped into Blumenthal in Washington, D.C.'s Wardman Park Marriot Saturday, fireworks were set ablaze (h/t Big Journalism via Story Balloon):

I guess Andrew wasn't kidding when he warned progressives this morning, "We're going to come after you so hard you have no idea what you have awoken in this country."

For those unfamiliar with the third man in, that's Larry O'Connor, a regular contributor to all of Breitbart's websites.

That said, maybe liberal journalists should learn to be more careful when tossing out the racist card!
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