Glenn Beck Calls Rachel Maddow 'Dishonest' 'Propaganda'

Conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck has struck back at Rachel Maddow for her gross misrepresentation of his position on global warming by calling her a dishonest purveyor of propaganda.

As NewsBusters previously reported, Maddow last Friday cherry-picked some statements by Beck to make it appear that he believed the recent snowstorms in the nation's capital disprove Nobel Laureate Al Gore's favorite money-making theory.

For what should be obvious reasons, Maddow and her crew decided to omit a key sentence from Beck's radio program that very morning: "How many times have I said both for hurricanes and no hurricane, this doesn't, one storm, one storm does not prove anything?"

Beck made the same case on his radio show Monday accusing Maddow of intentional dishonesty employed to spread anti-conservative propaganda (video embedded below the fold with partial transcript, h/t Right Scoop):

GLENN BECK: The very next line. Do you have the very next line that I said on the air, Stu? Because I'd like to quote it. I quoted it in the podcast. You have to see it. I think it comes out today or tomorrow. But the very next line that I said was you're an idiot if you believe this one storm in Washington proves there's no global warming. I mean, it's the very next line. They are so dishonest. They have to go that far...It's also known as propaganda. That's, that's anti-conservative or anti, you know, you as a listener, or anti-me propaganda. There's no truth to it at all. 

No, there isn't, and that's what makes it propaganda.

The folks at General Electric and NBC must be so proud. 

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