Behar: 'During Bush Administration When Boys Were Getting Killed People Were Making Jokes in the White House'

Comedian Joy Behar is known for saying some pretty absurd things on television, but her comment on Wednesday's "The View" was nothing less than disgraceful.

When co-host Barbara Walters brought up the issue of Sarah Palin, and how White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had made a joke to the press pool by writing some notes on his hand, a rather heated discussion broke out with lone conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck making the case that such behavior is beneath the office of the President.

"When the Press Secretary is up there being the mouthpiece for the White House during a time of crisis like we've been in for so long, don't make a joke and write on your hand. You are the Press Secretary of the White House."

This didn't sit well with Behar who actually responded (video embedded below the fold, h/t Story Balloon):

JOY BEHAR: During the Bush administration, when boys were getting killed, people were making jokes in the White House. So don't give me this crap, Elisabeth, please!

Was it this kind of behavior that led HLN to give Behar her own show?

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