Teri Hatcher Grabs Her Breast On CBS 'Late Show'

Is it now acceptable for a woman to grab her breasts on broadcast television?

The question is raised by the appearance of "Desperate Housewives" star Teri Hatcher on CBS's "Late Show" Friday evening.

Chatting with host David Letterman, the woman who rose to stardom after her appearance in a "Seinfeld" episode largely about her breasts seemed to do everything within her power to touch them on the air.

At one point she commented while holding one, "I injured my rib under my breast here. Just a reason to touch myself on TV."

Oddly, this wasn't the last time she would be so immodest (video embedded below the fold):

Readers are advised that these late night talk show interviews are largely scripted and planned. As such, Letterman and Company knew what she was going to be talking about.

With this in mind, is it now acceptable for women to touch their breasts on broadcast television?

If so, what's next? 

CBS Late Show Teri Hatcher
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