'HOPE - The Obama Musical Story' Premieres In Germany January 17

He's been in office for less than 365 days, has the lowest approval rating of any president his first year, and someone has actually produced a musical about him that premieres in Frankfurt, Germany, on January 17.

According to the official website of "HOPE - The Obama Musical Story":

The main character is presented less on a political level, but rather as an emotional person who fights for a new, more forgiving and peaceful world and a better future... Caused by the prevailing tight political and economic situation, societal and social frictions and emotions arise. The people are given new hope by the new spirit of the age.  

The official storyline is even more nauseating (promo video embedded below the fold, h/t Perfunction via Hot Air): 

"HOPE" shows in a compelling and modern musicals, the incredible story of the emergence of a new social movement to a new generation.

Seeing through the eyes of the inhabitants in an apartment-sharing community, we experience the American society which is distressed by the prevailing economical-political chaos, lost in social helplessness - disoriented. People of different origin and political parties find themselves united in the hope for a new beginning. Hence, the battle for the election of the 44th president of the US finds its way into their everyday lives and starts affecting the people in an unprecedented way, letting them share the hope for a better future, despite all the differences.

Interesting, in some cases dazzling characters appear who present the different cultural trends in the society in a charming way, impersonated by a first-class cast.

From the Puerto Rican Ricardo who has had enough of politics, has lost his job and his home, finding accommodation with the African-American Johnson family, to the ultra conservative widow Mrs. Shultz of German origin and the committed African-American political activist Elaine Johnson - all of them are suddenly caught by a wave of hope for change. This hope is triggered by the rise of the charismatic electoral candidate Barack Obama who restores the people's courage and confidence with his strive for a better world and makes them believe again.

Last but not least, not only do the African-Americans consider Obama as the man who finally unites the American society after all these years. With his message, Obama succeeds in enthusing and thrilling all people from different cultures, religions or skin colors.

The new presidential candidate restores the people's confidence, allowing them to believe in something again. It seemed that until quite recently, the people had given up hope.

„Yes we can!" - a simple slogan which has become THE ONE rallying cry representing courage and change and has united and changed generations worldwide.

Though a German production, much of the cast is American:

Jimmie Wilson as Barack Obama
Jimmie Wilson is from Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Della Miles as Michelle Obama
She was born in Houston, Texas and has already worked as an actress, musical actress and musician.

Dynelle Rhodes as Shirley Wickerson
Dynelle Rhodes is the lead singer of The Wheater Girls. Who does not know her international successes like "It's Raining Men" or "Can U Feel It".

Love Newkirk as Elaine Johnson
She is known for her own TV show "Groove" on VH-1 and was lead actress in Europe in the successful musical "Bubblin Brown Sugar "and" Sister Soul ".

Tracy Plester as Hillary Clinton und Sara Palin

Tracy came to Europe with the musical "Cats" and played subsequently in "Les Miserables".

Boysie White as Reverend Wright
He toured all over Europe with the musical "Hair," "The Best of Broadway", made as a singer in "The Golden Gospel Singers" and "The Harlem Gospel Singers talk" from him.

Timothy Riley as Ricardo
Timothy Riley was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Harriett Lewis as Michelle Obamas mother
Harriet opened concerts for Luther Vandross, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, Lisa Stansfield, Crash Test Dummies, Michael Bolton and many others.

ELLIOTT as Mama Johnson
Elliott was born in Akron, Ohio.

Vanda Guzman as Bee Wickerson
Vanda Guzman comes from New York.

Kevin Iszard as Marvin Johnson
Kevin was a member of the R & B group Format and was on the stage with KC & JoJo, Dru Hill and Destiny's Child and legendary greats such as Stevie Wonder, James Brown and Mariah Carey.

The show is written, composed, and co-produced by American Randall Hutchins.

Exit question: is Frankfurt the warmup act to eventually bring this production to America? 

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