BREAKING: Nelson To Vote For Healthcare In Exchange For Medicaid Payments To Nebraska

Not that this will come as any great shock, but Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), the lone Democrat holdout against the current iteration of healthcare reform, announced Saturday he will vote for the bill.

Also unsurprising: much like Mary "Louisiana Purchase" Landrieu (D-La.) before him, Nelson sold his vote and his very soul for some financial benefits to his state.

As Politico reported moments ago:

Sen. Mary Landrieu got the "Louisiana Purchase." Sen. Ben Nelson got the federal government to pick up most his state's future Medicaid tab -- forever.

As part of the deal to win Nelson's support, the federal government will fund Nebraska's new Medicaid recipients. It's a provision worth about $45 million over the first decade. [...]

Medicaid is usually paid for with a mix of federal and state funding, but Nelson's carve out means that any Medicaid beneficiaries who join the program after the bill passes will be funded by the federal government.

It's a sweet deal considering that many governors are worried that the Medicaid expansion will further strain already stressed state budgets.

Great. So states with fiscal problems of their own get their budgets squeezed as a result of this bill, but the man that history will show cast the deciding vote gets his state off the hook!


Beyond this, tax dollars went to bribe two key Democrats so that a bill will be passed that will raise our taxes further!

Absolutely amazing!

Is this what Hope and Change meant?

Exit question: If we now disaffectionately refer to Louisiana's Democrat Senator as Mary "Louisiana Purchase" Landrieu, what should we call Nelson for his historic sellout?

I've already heard Ben "Cornhusker Kickback" Nelson, but think that lacks punch.

Any other suggestions?


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