ClimateGate Professor Calls G-Warming Skeptic 'A**hole' on Live TV

A professor at the university in the middle of the ClimateGate scandal called global warming skeptic Marc Morano "an a**hole" on live television Friday.

This marvelously came moments after Andrew Watson, a professor at the University of East Anglia, told the BBC host moderating the discussion that the controversy surrounding e-mail messages obtained from his school's computers is "a real setback not because there's anything wrong with the science, but because the character assassination and the temperature of the debate which you can just see from our colleague in America is just obsuring the important issue."

Less than ten seconds after making this sanctimonious, holier than thou statement, Watson said as the interview came to a close, "What an a**hole" (video embedded below the fold):

Isn't it fascinating to see how quickly folks that complain about character assassination jump to using it themselves when they're losing a debate?

I guess such hypocrisy isn't exclusive to liberals on this side of the Pond.

Here's the entire debate for those interested (transcribed highlights available at Climate Depot):

Kudos to the BBC for this segment.

When will ABC, CBS, or NBC cover this story in this fashion?

Stay tuned. 

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