Rush Limbaugh Voted America's Most Influential Conservative

A poll done by CBS's "60 Minutes" and Vanity Fair found Rush Limbaugh to be America's most influential conservative.

In second place was Fox News's Glenn Beck, followed by former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Fox News's Sean Hannity, and House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio).

In fairness, those were the only choices given to respondents.

That said, there were some other poll results people will find interesting as reported by Vanity Fair: 

John F. Kennedy is the president 29 percent of Americans would most like to see added to Mount Rushmore. Forty percent of Democrats voted for Kennedy, while Ronald Reagan drew 52 percent of Republicans. [...]

Speaking of Nixon, the famously missing portion of Watergate-era audiotape ranked low in our which-lost-artifact-would-you-most-like-to-find question. Noah’s Ark won easily, with 43 percent of those polled and 65 percent of Evangelical Christians. And yet 7 percent of Evangelicals—not many, but still one in 14—chose finding the Nixon tape over the ark and everything else, which included some potential revenue streams of significance. [...]

Evidence that Americans with lower incomes tend to use the postal service more than richer Americans (56 percent of those with incomes under $30,000, 30 percent of those with incomes over $100,000) baffled us briefly. [...]

France is the country of choice for those who would take such a step—maybe surprising, in light of that country’s role as our traditional punching bag (sac de sable). Fifty-eight percent of us said, No thanks, we’ll stay right here. What could be more certain, in our hearts, than that? Only one thing, it turns out: most of us couldn’t even begin to explain what the “public option” means.

Other poll results of note:

  • 36 percent believe "domestic militias critical of the president and the federal government" are exercising their constitutional rights versus 33 percent who see them as a threat to national security.
  • 66 percent said they couldn't explain what the "public option" is.

Those interested can view full results here.

Exit question: Who would you vote for in the most influential conservative poll assuming the field wasn't as restricted?

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