Martha Stewart Says Sarah Palin Is 'A Dangerous Person'

Martha Stewart on Wednesday said former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is "a dangerous person" and "anyone like that in government is a real problem."

Speaking with HLN's "Showbiz Tonight" producer Jenny D'Attoma, Stewart also said Palin is "very boring" and "confused." 

Ironically, when asked if she has seen any of Palin's recent interviews, Stewart replied without recognizing the hypocrisy, "I wouldn't watch her if you paid me" (video embedded below the fold with transcript, h/t Mediaite):

HLN 'SHOWBIZ TONIGHT' PRODUCER JENNY D'ATTOMA: Now, on to Sarah Palin, why do you think she's so polarizing to so many people?

MARTHA STEWART: She's a very boring to me. Very boring, and a very, to me, kind of a, a dangerous person. I mean, to, she's dangerous.

D'ATTOMA: In what way?

STEWART: She speaks, she's, she's so confused. And anyone like that in government is a real problem.

D'ATTOMA: Meanwhile, they're saying her book is already a bestseller. Do you find it...

STEWART: Good for her. Good for her.

D'ATTOMA: Have you been able to catch Sarah Palin's interviews?

STEWART: Why's everybody asking that? I wouldn't, I wouldn't watch her if you paid me.

Well, Martha: how do you know Palin's boring, confused, and dangerous if you don't watch her?

Typical of liberal elites, isn't it?

Maybe more interesting was how the folks on "Showbiz Tonight" Thursday actually defended Palin and bashed Stewart:

I love it.

Hyla from said: "If Sarah Palin ever got a talk show, she would whoop Martha Stewart's a**!...Hollywood's never gonna accept Sarah Palin, but you know what? In middle America, the rest of the country, they love her, and she could rival Oprah on the talk show circuit. I have no doubt about that."

Contributing Editor of Life & Style Weekly Rachel Zalis said: "I think [Palin] would say, ‘Martha, that's pretty funny. The woman who thinks cake stands and sconces are fascinating is calling me boring.' I mean, really, Sarah Palin is probably the most famous woman in the world this week, and, you know, I think Martha's not too keen on that."

Hyla responded: "And I love the whole dangerous thing because on paper, who's been to prison? Who's more dangerous exactly?"


Exit question: Is folks on "Showbiz Tonight" defending Palin an indication that the worm might be turning for her?

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