'South Park' Takes On Glenn Beck, Beck Responds

Whether or not you're a fan of Comedy Central's hit show "South Park," the Glenn Beck satire in Wednesday's show was really quite well done.

Even Beck himself seemed to like it.

The lead character Eric Cartman, in a video filled with Beck graphics and similarities to the Fox host's mannerisms, informed students that the school's president, Wendy Testaburger, was involved in an elaborate plot to kill Smurfs.

In case you were wondering, KILL SMURFS was an acronym for: Keywords, Integrated, Leftist, Liberal, Socialist, Modern, Utopian, Reformed, Farce, School.

Check your ideology at the door, for this really was political satire at its best (video embedded below the fold with response from Beck himself, h/t Breitbart TV): 

ERIC CARTMAN, SOUTH PARK CHARACTER: Lunch today is going to be pizza, again. Friends, our school is dying and you know it. You feel it. You are like me. You want to change it. But oh, no, Wendy Testaburger's not going to let that happen. This is not the school we grew up in, and I don't know if we can get it back. Just take a look at exactly what our school president wants. You know, what is she trying to achieve? Let's just take a look at these key words here. Wendy's made it clear she wants our school to be a more integrated leftist and liberal place. But you see, when that happens, what we get is a socialist, modern utopian reformed farce of a school. So when you look closely, it becomes very obvious what Wendy wants: K i l l s m u r f s. Our school president wants to kill Smurfs. I don't know if we're turning into a Smurf hating school or what we're turning into. But unless you ask why, we're going to transform into something.

On his show Thursday, Beck light-heartedly discussed the episode with executive producer Steve (Stu) Burguiere:

GLENN BECK, Host: So then last night apparently and I find this hard to believe. Like the majority of the episode?


BECK: Was about me.

BURGUIERE Yeah. The vast majority, yes.

BECK: Set this up. This is South Park.

BURGUIERE: Yes. South Park, Eric Cartman, the fattest member of the children. Just thought I'd point that out, represents you as he gets the job of the school announcement guy and where she's supposed to say stuff like what's going on for lunch or, you know, what meeting is happening in the musical.

BECK: All right.

BURGUIERE: He expands on that role quite a bit and he accuses the school president of many things.

BECK: Okay. So here you go. And you'll see the rapid progression here. Now, what happens happening besides this? Are they making comments about me outside of this? Is it only these three pieces that are

BURGUIERE: No, this is can't find the whole episode.

BECK: Yeah, yeah.

BURGUIERE: I mean, the whole thing is basically you know, and this is Cartman's character on this show is always kind of the loud mouth making accusations at everybody. You know, that's sort of his Schick.

BECK: Right.

BURGUIERE: He's got your hair in the episode which is sort of the gray on the side, not gray on the top.

BECK: That's funny.

BURGUIERE: Some other mysterious color on the top.

PAT: They use the logo.

BURGUIERE: They use the logo. They go through, you'll hear kind of the music that sounds like the Glenn Beck TV open in which they show the same imagery, they have the same logo except it says EC instead of GB. You know, and these guys, again, these guys skewer everybody and they are always very good at it.

BECK: You know what's amazing to me is I'm a libertarian.

BURGUIERE:: And they are, too.

BECK: And they are, too.

Nice to see someone so graciously accept being lampooned.


On the other hand, wouldn't it be interesting to see CNN fact check this sketch?

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