Election Results So Bad Obama's Senior Adviser Went On Fox News

Just how bad for Obama were Tuesday's election results?

So bad White House senior adviser David Axelrod went on Fox News Wednesday to try and spin it?

In case you've forgotten, this is about two weeks after Axelrod told ABC's George Stephanopoulos, "[T]hey're not really a news station."

I guess that's changed now that the Republicans have come back to life (video of Major Garrett's unedited interview with Axelrod embedded below the fold, part of it was aired on Wednesday's "Special Report"):

As Andrew Malcolm of the Los Angeles Times put it Thursday (h/t Tweeter NYfitter):

Here's how desperate Obama administration spokesmen were Wednesday to fill the info void they'd created by hiding away during the previous night's bad news election returns:

David Axelrod, an ex-newspaper reporter but one of the lead Obama attackers against the Fox News Channel in recent weeks, actually granted an interview to the Fox News Channel. To Major Garrett.

Well, I guess the Administration NEEDS Fox again, huh?

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