George Will: Obama’s Only Achievement -- People Like Us Better

A year after Barack Obama was elected President, one thing has become perfectly clear: George Will is THE mainstream media member who seems completely comfortable pointing out the new White House resident's shortcomings.

Such happened again on the latest installment of ABC's "This Week" when host George Stephanopoulos began the Roundtable segment:

George, let me just begin with a threshold question. We're about a year out from the election. Has the President delivered on that promise of change?

Rather than the typical sycophantic response one normally gets from media figures when such questions are asked about Obama, Will marvelously whacked the ball right out of the park (video embedded below the fold with partial transcript):

GEORGE WILL: I think domestically and in foreign policy he has. His one great achievement is to enhance the status of the United States. Now, that happens to have zero cash value it turns out. The Iranians, the North Koreans, the Afghan government, China and India regarding carbon limitations. He's made no progress on any of these fronts. But people like us better. So I suppose that's an achievement.

I suppose so, too, George.


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