Democrat Congresswoman Bashes Rush Limbaugh on House Floor

October 14th, 2009 11:39 AM
Monday night's football game between the Jets and the Dolphins might have been the best so far this year, but nothing is matching the entertainment value of the Left's hysteria concerning conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh's bid to buy the St. Louis Rams.

The fiscally-challenged Democrats could actually balance the budget if they sold beer, popcorn, and hot dogs every time some liberal politician or media member stepped in front of a microphone to express why the Excellence in Broadcasting chief isn't qualified to own a football team.

On Tuesday alone Congress could have raised a fortune if it would have sold tickets to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee's (D-Tex.) hyperventilation about Limbaugh on the floor of the House of Representatives (video embedded below the fold with transcript, relevant section at 2:30, h/t Story Balloon, file photo):

Let me finally move to another topic and offer my thoughts. Even though I believe in the first amendment and the right to freedom of association, but I stand with the NFL Players Association not to make Rush Limbaugh any kind of national standard or a national hero or the national issue. I'll let my friends on the other side of the aisle determine what he is and what he is not.

Stop the tape: notice how she just said, "I'll let my friends on the other side of the aisle determine what he is and what he is not." That sentiment didn't last long:

But I know that he is not the kind of owner that the NFL needs.

Didn't she just say she was going to let her friends on the other side of the aisle determine what he is not? But I digress:

He does not represent the fullness of appreciation of athletes of all diverse backgrounds no matter what he wants to pretend to say on his radio station. But he is one who is divisive just as they're about to select him as a judge for a Miss America contest. I can't understand that, but that is their choice. Maybe they think he'll bring in millions of listeners, but can you imagine a poor girl scared already to be able to ask a question about the person she admires most, and she says somebody that happens to be a different political affiliation. She is, of course, not a winner. But that's their decision.

Hmmm. You mean like how Carrie Prejean didn't win the Miss USA pageant a few months ago because of HER political views? Where was the Congresswoman when THAT happened?

From this act of uproarious hypocrisy, Jackson Lee predictably moved to Donovan McNabb:

NFL has become one of America's pastimes. All of us from all walks of life and economic backgrounds look at the NFL. I know that there are far better owners that could be selected than one package that has this gentleman in it. I'd ask the NFL owners to put standards in place, criteria, base it on integrity, not just the bottom buck. Anybody that wants to call a quarterback in Pennsylvania and call him out - he happens to be African-American - as not being competent, just somebody that the media has promoted, not being talented. Interestingly enough, that football player is, happens to still be playing and doing a great job.

Well I don't know why in the heck other than the big dollar that Rush Limbaugh would be interested in the NFL. And so, we're not interested in him either.

Wait a minute. What if it is exclusively about money. What's wrong with someone investing in a sports franchise because he or she thinks it's a good longterm investment? Would that be terrible if that was Limbaugh's sole motivation?

Of course, it isn't, for Limbaugh is a diehard football fan who now finds himself in the financial position to invest in something he loves. I guess the Congresswoman doesn't understand that:

And I would hope, though this is not my choice, this is not a government issue as well as it is an issue of integrity for those of us who believe that this is a great sport that brings all of us together.

Well, if this isn't a government issue, why are you talking about it on the House floor?

I would hesitate to say that he is not someone who brings people together. And I just simply ask those owners to do the right thing, have a criteria, a standard, a bottom line of integrity. It's not all about the dollar. It's about the value of sports and teamwork and working together and bringing young people together and looking at values that are not political that are simply about us getting along as a nation, being admired by the world for having a great sporting community if you will whether it's baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, golf. That's what it's about. NFL owners, have some integrity. I think you need a different owner team.     

Hmmm. So sports aren't about the dollar? Then why do athletes make more in a year than most Americans will in their entire lives? And why do companies spend so much to advertise during games?

And what about her comment that sports are about "looking at values that are not political?" Isn't that EXACTLY what the Congresswoman did on the House floor Tuesday -- look at Limbaugh's values that ARE political?

Indeed, this entire issue has become political because Limbaugh represents conservatism, and the Left along with their media minions just can't stand it.

As a result this battle has a long way to go; folks better stock up on peanuts, popcorn, and Cracker Jacks if they REALLY want to enjoy the show.