Cafferty: When DeLay Goes to Prison They Can Show His Dance Video

In today's "When Are You Going to Realize the Democrats Control Congress?" moment, CNN's Jack Cafferty attacked Tom DeLay Tuesday in a segment that had absolutely nothing to do with the former House Majority Leader.

In fact, his piece during the 4PM installment of the "Situation Room" dealt with whether it was more important for a president to be liked or feared outside the country.

Unfortunately, Cafferty -- whose hatred for Republicans seems to always bubble over regardless of the topic -- felt it was necessary to first bring up DeLay's recent appearance on "Dancing With The Stars" (video embedded below the fold with transcript):

WOLF BLITZER: Let's go to Jack Cafferty for "The Cafferty File" -- Jack.

JACK CAFFERTY: Did you show that Tom DeLay video yet?

BLITZER: We will. We will be showing it.

CAFFERTY: That's just disturbing.

BLITZER: If you haven't seen it...

CAFFERTY: I -- it's disturbing. It's very disturbing.

BLITZER: It takes guts to do that.

CAFFERTY: It takes something. I'm not sure guts is what it takes.


BLITZER: Wow. You make my heart...

CAFFERTY: When he goes to prison, they can show that, like, the dances and stuff, to the general inmate population.

But Cafferty wasn't done, for after he finished reading e-mail messages from viewers concerning the actual topic -- if you've forgotten, it was whether it's better for a president to be liked or feared overseas -- the hater of all things with an "R" next to their names attacked again:

CAFFERTY: If you didn't see your e-mail here, you can go to my blog at

When are you playing that Tom DeLay thing?


CAFFERTY: I'm turning the TV off. It's very disturbing.

Actually, what's most disturbing is that CNN keeps this guy around, and why likely many TV sets throughout the country get turned off whenever Blitzer foolishly puts him on screen.

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