Daily Beast Editor: Lou Dobbs Is An 'Angry-Populist Cockroach'

It today's "Who's Using Vitriol To Defend President Obama" segment, Lloyd Grove, the editor at large of the Daily Beast, is quite displeased with CNN's Lou Dobbs.

After the teaser to his article published Wednesday called Dobbs an "immigrant-hating, birther-supporting zealot," the former New York Daily News columnist claimed the CNN host has made a "Kafka-like metamorphosis from WASPy establishmentarian to angry-populist cockroach."

Nice imagery, yes?

In his piece titled "What Happened to the Real Lou?" Grove let Dobbs have it early and often:

In 1980, Dobbs launched his brilliant career as a whip-smart Harvard grad who practically invented television business news at the fledgling cable network CNN, founding CNNfn while winning friends and influencing people among the corporate elite. But these days Dobbs is rounding the home stretch, at age 63, as a tribune of economic nationalism and the scourge of greedy CEOs; as a crusader against illegal immigrants who (he has claimed) steal our jobs, commit crimes, and spread leprosy; and, most recently, as a tacit ally of conspiracy theorists who are trying to delegitimize a duly elected president. [...]

It has been, for Dobbs, a Kafka-like metamorphosis from WASPy establishmentarian to angry-populist cockroach. No less a wingnut than the bottle-blond Orly Taitz, a Soviet-born Israeli dentist who sounds like a Gabor sister and is known as “Queen of the Birthers,” has called Dobbs one of her “biggest supporters” (in a recent interview with The Daily Beast’s Max Blumenthal).

It sure is fascinating watching all manner of media member attack anyone that has the nerve to question the new President, isn't it?

I sure wish they would have so fervently defended the previous President this way...how 'bout you?
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