Garofalo Attacks Tea Partiers Again: 'Racist Backward Motherf**kers'

August 1st, 2009 7:18 PM

After bombing on stage at England's Latitude festival a few weeks ago, Janeane Garofalo apparently decided to go back to what she's best at: vulgarly attacking faceless Americans whose political opinions she disagrees with.

Having called the April 15 Tea Party goers "a bunch of teabagging rednecks" on MSNBC's "Countdown," Garofalo's encore was to tell a British newspaper that "These people are called 'racially sensitive', what they should be called is racist, backward motherf**kers."  

As reported by Britain's Guardian Saturday (obvious vulgarity warning):

Over in the US, she's recently found herself at the centre of one of those five-minute media storms, in this case due to her claims that the "Tea Party" demonstrators against Obama were nothing more than "teabagging rednecks". She's absolutely unrepentant. "F**king redneck douchebaggery. Unmitigated douchebaggery. Why are they holding signs that say, 'Whatchoo talking about, Willis?' These people are called 'racially sensitive', what they should be called is racist, backward motherf**kers."

Makes you wonder if she kisses her mother with that mouth.

Regardless, there was some interesting hypocrisy in her comments concerning Tea Partiers given what was revealed a few paragraphs prior:

Janeane Garofalo is talking about how it felt to have her head blown off by Trey Parker and Matt Stone in Team America: World Police. "I didn't like that at all," says the actor and comedian. "I didn't see it, but I know about it. The only upside to it was I was given far more credit for being famous that I've ever been given in my life." A long-standing opponent of the war in Iraq and the Bush administration, Garofalo was portrayed in the movie as an empty-headed harpy, joining Alec Baldwin and Tim Robbins as appeasing stooges to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il.

"What am I getting my head blown off for? For speaking out against an immoral, illegal and unjustified invasion and occupation? What they did was cowardly. To try and get yourself off the hook by saying we're equal-opportunity offenders, it doesn't mean shit to me."

So, Parker and Stone were "cowardly" for attacking her for "speaking out against an immoral, illegal and unjustified invasion and occupation" by the previous Administration. BUT, it's okay for her to viciously go after Americans she doesn't know and never has met who are speaking out against the policies of the current Administration.

Everyone get that?

Of course, what would a Janeane Garofalo interview be without the obligatory attack on Fox News?

"Fox News is like an infection. Unfortunately, there are people that get their news there, and they vote...They only book people who are easy to mock and marginalise. I kind of thought, 'Someone's got to do it.' But talking to those assholes is a drag. It's a drag meeting the same assholes from high school when you're 40."

Strangely I quite agree with her last comment, though not likely in a fashion she'd appreciate.