Holocaust Museum Killer Conservative? Not So Fast!

UPDATE at end of post: this so-called conservative might have been targeting the offices of the Weekly Standard!

Not surprisingly, the Left and their media minions are accusing conservative talkers such as Rush Limbaugh for inciting Wednesday's shooting at the Holocaust Museum Memorial in Washington, D.C.

As NewsBusters' Geoffrey Dickens reported Wednesday, Salon editor-in-chief Joan Walsh was quick to point such an accusatory finger.

Yet, as FrontPage Magazine's Ben Johnson noted Thursday, the assailant was hardly conservative:

A review of his lengthy associations reveals Von Brunn hardly fits the stereotype of a Religious Right, GOP precinct captain. He denounced the Christian faith as a dastardly Jewish conspiracy, a “HOAX” invented by the Apostle Paul to “DESTROY ROMAN CULTURE” from within by undermining its pagan virility. (All screaming capitalization and grammatical errors in this piece appear in the original.) Like others on the racist fringe, the shooter proclaimed clearly: “SOCIALISM, represents the future of the West.” [...]

Yesterday’s attack was Von Brunner’s second attempted strike. Police arrested him on December 7, 1981, after they found him prowling the Washington, D.C., offices of the Federal Reserve Bank posing as a journalist. Inside a bag slumped over his shoulder, they discovered a handgun, a shotgun, and a knife, which he claimed he would use to place then-Fed Chairman Paul Volcker under citizens’ arrest.[3] After being convicted, he tried to obtain help by contacting then-Admiral Jim Webb, now a Democratic U.S. Senator from Virginia, but Von Brunn claimed the postmaster “purloined” the letter. The New York Daily News reports after his release in 1989, Von Brunner “worked at a bookstore run by a Holocaust-denying group called the Institute of Historical Review,” then lived in Hayden Lake, Idaho – then the headquarters of the Aryan Nations.[4]
At some point, he settled in the Maryland area and decided to jump into the publishing game himself.
Von Brunn’s motivation leaps off every page of his self-published “book,” Kill the Best Gentiles, a title supposedly derived from secret Jewish instructions to slaughter the goyim. (You can download the first six chapters here.) Remarkably, his words have received little scrutiny, likely because of what they establish: the “right-wing terrorist” of the Holocaust Museum is an anti-religious socialist.  

Readers are encouraged to review Johnson's entire piece to get facts about the assailant most in the media will likely ignore.
*****From Politico:

FBI agents visited the offices of the conservative Weekly Standard magazine yesterday after a shooting at the Holocaust Memorial Museum and told employees they'd found the magazine's address

A senior Standard staffer confirmed the visit but declined to discuss it in detail. An FBI spokeswoman, Katherine Schweit , also declined to comment on the investigation.

Two other sources said two FBI agents arrived shortly after 5:00 p.m. Thursday at the 17th Street offices of the magazine. They told staffers that they had found the address of the magazine on a piece of paper associated with the shooter, James von Brunn, and asked whether the Standard had received any threats.

Will this interesting tidbit get much media coverage?

James von Brunn
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