Jon Stewart: Brian Williams 'Clearly Has the Hots' for Obama

NBC's Brian Williams "clearly has the hots" for President Barack Obama.

So said Comedy Central's Jon Stewart Thursday in a total skewering of NBC's "Inside the Obama White House" special report.

Not only did "The Daily Show" host totally lambaste Williams for using "this kind of unprecedented access" to the president to "cross-promote" other NBC programs, but also marvelously depicted the entire presentation as being like MTV's reality show "Real World."

Most deliciously, "the show's host clearly has the hots for the breakout star."   

The video of this segment is embedded below the fold with some transcribed highlights (h/t Hot Air):

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  • JON STEWART, HOST: This is a huge coup for NBC. When you get this kind of unprecedented access, you can cross-promote.
  • BRIAN WILLIAMS: The TV version of the "West Wing" on NBC has only been off the air for three years.
  • WILLIAMS TO OBAMA: Have you seen the depictions of you, Fred Armisen, "Saturday Night Live," what do you think?
  • STEWART: And speaking of Chuck, look who's just stopped by, Zachary Levi star of "Chuck" returning this fall. Mr. President, do you find "NCIS" has become formulaic? One final question: Today, must-see TV is just a suggestion. You have the power to make it Law...and Order.
  • STEWART: By the way, the show's host clearly has the hots for the breakout star.  

I guess it's time for NBC and others in the media to understand that when your gushing and fawning for Obama is fodder for comedians, you should consider becoming journalists again rather than the disgraceful sycophants you've been since an unqualified junior senator from Illinois first announced his candidacy for president in 2007.

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