Friday Funnies: 'Biden Kicked Out of Country After Flu Remarks?'

May 1st, 2009 4:11 PM

Roughly 24 hours after Joe Biden's swine flu gaffe on Thursday's "Today" show, it's been announced that the often loose-lipped Vice President is being sent on an overseas trip to Eastern Europe.

Just a coincidence?

The Christian Science Monitor's The Vote Blog teased readers with the idea Friday in a piece comically titled "Biden Kicked Out of Country After Flu Remarks?":

Things have gotten so bad for the vice president following his disastrous Today Show appearance that he’s been exiled?

No. It’s just coincidental that the day after he strayed way off message on how to deal with the flu virus that his office announced he’s going on an overseas trip.

The veep is headed for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Kosovo beginning on May 18.

“During the visit, the Vice President will meet with the political leadership in all three countries, as well as U.S. officials and military personnel stationed in the region,” the vice president’s office announced.

Whatever the official explanation for this trip, it will be very interesting to see how many news outlets wonder if there's a connection between it and Biden's swine flu comments.

Stay tuned.