Anti-war Article Highlights T-shirt With Bush's Brain Spilling Out

Despite being in so much financial trouble it could be facing extinction, the San Francisco Chronicle continues to be one of the most disgraceful newspapers in the country.

In a piece dealing with Saturday's anti-war protest held in the City by the Bay, the authors disgustingly felt the need to share with their readers a truly offensive t-shirt that was for sale at the event (file photo):

Bruce Yurgil, a cartoonist from San Rafael, was trying to unload 80 homemade T-shirts showing former President George W. Bush's brain spilling from his head. The T-shirts were marked down half-price, to $10.

Somewhat ironic given the Chronicle's inability to sell advertising space, wouldn't you agree? After all, even the salesman in question understood how difficult it now is to sell Bush Derangement Syndrome:

"It's no fun being a cartoonist these days," he said. "The only person I can make fun of any more is Rush Limbaugh." 

Maybe the Chronicle should learn from this cartoonist...but don't count on it.

Protesters Anti-Military Bias San Francisco Chronicle
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