Press Secretary Gibbs Having Fun Battling Limbaugh

Shortly after it was revealed the Obama administration is engaging in a coordinated media attack on Rush Limbaugh, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs admitted that he's having fun battling the conservative talk radio host.

Gibbs is apparently also enjoying the sparring with CNBC's Jim Cramer and Rick Santelli.

Anything to distract the nation from a deteriorating economy and the obvious lack of a plan to do anything about it I guess.

As reported by the Hill Thursday:

President Obama’s spokesman and confidant simply characterizes his battles with Limbaugh and CNBC commentators Rick Santelli and Jim Cramer as “fun.”

He adds that the rationale behind engaging those critics from the podium of the White House briefing room is to correct the record on Obama’s policies during times of severe economic uncertainty.

“There’s a certain amount of theater to it that might make it more fun, but it’s important that people understand the policy,” Gibbs said in his West Wing office.

Actually, Bob, I think people do understand the policy. That's why the market is down 20 percent since Inauguration Day, and why stocks plummet virtually every time you or any member of the Adminstration talks about the economy.

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