UPDATED: Matthews, Not Olbermann Mutters ‘Oh God’ Before Jindal’s Response

Update/Correction: It seems Chris Matthews, not Keith Olbermann muttered "Oh, God!" as Gov. Jindal walked out to deliver the Republican Response to the President's address to Congress. My apologies for the confusion. The text below is corrected according.

In another journalistic new low, MSNBC's Chris Matthews apparently mumbled the words "Oh God" after he introduced Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, the Republican who gave the GOP response following President Barack Obama's address to Congress Tuesday.

With a picture of the Governor's mansion on screen, Olbermann stated the following (video embedded below the fold):

Chris, stand by, Rachel, stand by, we're getting that cue from Baton Rouge where Gov. Jindal of Louisiana is set to deliver the Republican response to President Obama. It is entitled "Americans Can Do Anything." Here's Gov. Jindal.

As Jindal walked towards the camera, a hushed voice, apparently Matthews', said, "Oh God" as others were heard laughing in the background.

Now THAT'S good journalism!

*****Update: As Drudge has now picked up this story, there's destined to be debate as to who said "Oh God"? Michael Calderone over at Politico agrees with me. However, the folks at Real Clear Politics are a tad more undecided

A reader just e-mailed me saying he thinks it's Matthews, but the more I listen to it, the more it sounds like Olbermann.

What do you think?

*****Update II: TVNewser claims "sources" told them it was Matthews. Such sources might be right, or might be protecting Olbermann. I guess we won't know until someone fesses up and apologizes. Good luck!

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