Fox's Megyn Kelly Debates Bill Press About Fairness Doctrine

Fox News's Megyn Kelly debated liberal talk radio host Bill Press on Monday's "America's Newsroom," and the sparks were flying from the opening bell.

Kelly deliciously began the segment:

Hi, Bill. You have a little self-interest on this one perhaps?

Yah think?

But that was just the beginning (video embedded below the fold):

PRESS: I've never called for the return of the Fairness Doctrine. What I'd like to see is the fair and balanced doctrine.

And therein lies the rub, for much like liberals who say they're interested in equal opportunity despite the real goal being equal outcome, their desire to bring back the fairness doctrine is exclusively grounded in them wanting more leftwing programs on the radio dial despite the inability of such to be profitable for station owners.

All this talk about diversity and operating in the public interest is a smokescreen, and any assertion to the contrary either requires a deplorable lack of intelligence or honesty.

Which is it, Bill?

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