Fun Fact: Inauguration Days Much Warmer For Republicans

It's going to be unseasonably cold when Barack Obama takes the oath of office Tuesday, which is in keeping with a long-term trend for Democrats.

In fact, it's normally almost 7 1/2 degrees warmer when a Republican is sworn in on a January Inauguration Day than when a Democrat raises his right hand.

So said a 2001 study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:

  • Average Noon Temperature when a Republican President is sworn in is 40.4 F.
  • Average Noon Temperature when a Democratic President is sworn in is 33.0 F.
  • Average high temperature is 41-45 F.
  • Average low temperature is 24-28 F.

As Tuesday's high is forecast to be 31, with a low of 18, this appears to be another cold Inauguration Day for the Democrats.

Maybe this is God's way of trying to convince folks on the left that manmade global warming is a bunch of nonsense.

Speaking of which, the following chart represents all of the January 20 high temperatures in our nation's capital since 1946. See if you can find Al Gore's warming trend:


Of course, you know what REALLY must frost liberals? The warmest January Inauguration Day was in 1981 when -- wait for it! -- Ronald Reagan was first sworn in.


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