Maddow Bashes Fox News Then Admits Never Seeing One FNC Program

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow bashed competitor Fox News at a Television Critics Association gathering Thursday before she told a small group of reporters she's "never seen a show on Fox at any time ever.”

I kid you not.

Must be quite a talent to have strong opinions about something you've never actually experienced firsthand, dontcha think?

Such was reported by The Hollywood Reporter's James Hibberd Thursday (h/t TVNewser):

When a critic compares MSNBC with Fox News, Maddow bristles.

“The idea that there’s any equivalency between us and Fox News...” she says. “Fox is a political experiment. Imagine them having somebody as liberal as Joe Scarborough is conservative doing their whole morning? It doesn't make sense."

"We're less about ideology than Fox News," adds the news network’s president Phil Griffin.

Yet after the panel, Maddow told a huddle of reporters she doesn’t own a TV and has “never seen a show on Fox at any time ever.”

Isn't that great? So, she's got an opinion about a network she's never watched!

Isn't that classic liberalism as well as fundamental to the leftist indoctrination and propagandization she and the mainstream media are involved in?

After all, to really manipulate public opinion, you have to be able to instill impressions on the masses without them having any real knowledge of the subject matter.

If you can make people hate something they actually haven't experienced be it a person, a movie, a book, or a television network, you can totally create a groupthink that is tremendously powerful.

For example, what percentage of liberals in and out of the media:

  • Hate Rush Limbaugh even though they've never heard his program or read one of his books?
  • Hate Sean Hannity even though they've never heard/watched his program or read one of his books?
  • Hate Bill O'Reilly even though they've never heard/watched his program or read one of his books?
  • Hate Ann Coulter even though they've never read one of her books or heard her speak?
  • Hate Fox News even though they've never watched an FNC program?

Conceivably, the answer to some of the above could be as high as 50 percent, right? Maybe higher?

Pretty scary!

Of course, besides the liberal press, at the heart of this brainwashing are groups like, Media Matters for America, and ThinkProgress who disseminate their own biased and uneducated opinions to the masses as well as media outlets to aid in the creation of the groupthink.

Consider how many folks are part of the "haters" listed above as a result of "information" they've received directly or indirectly from MO, MMA, or TP. In the end, that is the reason these organizations exist: to create a belief system in the part of the population that isn't interested in doing any real research or investigation of their own.

A perfect example of such is the vast majority of the left that believes there's a consensus among scientists that man is warming the planet even though they can't name one scientist in said ranks.

Scarier still is that MSNBC employs someone who admits being part of that last hateful group for it goes tremendously counter to anything associated with journalism, although that's not really a surprise given who she works for.

On a related note, what percentage of Americans voted for Barack Obama last November without having read one of his books or having any knowledge about his votes in the Illinois and U.S. Senate?

Probably greater than 50 percent, correct?

Get the picture?

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