MSNBC's Shuster Called 'A Joke' For His Anti-Sarah Palin Bias

Documentarian John Ziegler Friday called MSNBC's David Shuster "a joke" and "an alleged newsperson" for his anti-Sarah Palin bias.

Appearing on MSNBC to discuss video clips of an interview that he did with the Alaska governor Monday, Ziegler got into a rather contentious exchange with Shuster claiming "this network played an enormous role" in the character assassination of Palin during last year's presidential campaign, and definitively stated "MSNBC is clearly the pet network of Barack Obama."

Shuster followed this up by falsely claiming (video embedded below the fold, h/t TVNewser):

Well John, even in your documentary, at least the clips that you've released, she still can't answer, at least it takes her several opportunities, she still really can't explain what she reads.

That was clearly all Ziegler could stand:

David, that's ridiculous, you didn't watch the clip apparently, she clearly states what it is she reads...You're a joke. You are a joke. Did you not watch the clip? Did you not watch the clip? This is clearly an agenda by MSNBC which you started a year ago   

Well, let's see who's right. Forward to 3:55 of the following video:

SARAH PALIN: Of course, I read newspapers, I read publications. I spend a lot of time of course reading our local papers and the highly-circulated publications in Alaska, because that's my job is to know the business of Alaska and our communities. But also USA Today, yes. And New York Times.

Hmmm. Seems like she did answer that, didn't she, David?

Readers are also encouraged to forward to 3:30 of the first embedded video when Ziegler says:

So, is that your opinion, David? Is that your opinion, David, as an alleged newsperson? As an alleged newsperson, is that your opinion that she was unprepared to be vice president of the United States? See, that sounds very objective, David...I feel that this is O.J. Simpson interviewing the cops about the murders. I'm the cop, and you're O.J. Simpson here...You've clearly seen this through the prejudiced eye of MSNBC, which has had an agenda since the beginning of the campaign, pro Obama, against Palin, it continues today. And it's very obvious to everybody you're a joke   

Well, almost everybody.

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