Lib Radio Host: Record Snows and Cold Caused By Global Warming

The liberal mind never ceases to amaze me.

Our nation is experiencing record snows and cold spells, and Air America host Thom Hartmann actually told his audience Friday:

What we are seeing in this cold, that has me trapped in my house here today, is that, what we are seeing is a symptom of global warming. But you wouldn't know that from the crazies on the right.

Speaking of lunacy, Hartmann was so proud of this moment in broadcast history that he created an mp3 of his explanation as to why global warming is making us all freeze to death, and not only posted it at Air America's website, but also included an embed feature if folks wanted to share his astounding stupidity with others.

As you might imagine, I do (audio embedded below the fold, h/t Tom Nelson, readers are cautioned to stow all potables and combustibles before proceeding further):



Now, I don't know what "science piece" Hartmann was referring to. I've done a Google news search, and found a NewScientist article discussing the recently released data from the World Meteorological Organization concerning world ice levels.

However, neither suggested that evaporated ice is adding moisture to the atmosphere that's causing the recent snows and cold spells. Frankly, I haven't been able to find any published work stating that.

Maybe Thom will do us a favor and shoot us a link so that we can examine this fabulous theory in greater detail.

Stay tuned.

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