Poll: Sexist Media Far Harsher On Palin Than Clinton

A new poll released Tuesday found that most people believe the media's treatment of the women involved in the presidential campaign this year was highly sexist, and that Sarah Palin was not only treated far worse by the press than Joe Biden, but she was also covered much more harshly than Hillary Clinton.

"The Daily Beast" poll also found that very few women consider themselves to be feminist, with a virtually equal minority wishing that a current or future daughter would become a feminist.

Here are some of the interesting highlights:

  • All Americans, and particularly women, are exercised over the treatment of women in politics and the press. By an overwhelming 61% to 19% margin, women believe there is a gender bias in the media. While women thought that Barack Obama and Joe Biden received fair media treatment, only 48% thought Hillary Clinton did and only 29% believed Sarah Palin was treated fairly. In contrast, nearly 8 in 10 voters thought the press gave fair treatment to Obama and Biden.

    So the media had a huge opportunity this fall to overcome these perceptions of bias, and it seems they failed the testespecially with the older generation. Women over 50 said Palin was asked questions and subjected to unfair comments by a remarkable 2/1. They are more likely to recall stories being written about Palin’s hair and clothes than Obama’s healthcare plans.

  • Voters reject the term and the category of being a “feminist,” with only 20% of women willing to use that word about themselves. Nor do they want their daughters to become feminists—only 17% of voters said they would welcome their daughters using that label.
Interesting stuff. Those interested can view the complete results here.
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