'Family Guy' Character Wears Nazi Uniform With McCain-Palin Button

October 19th, 2008 11:25 PM

Fox's animated comedy "Family Guy" on Sunday showed one of its main characters, Stewie Griffin, dressed up in a Nazi uniform with a McCain-Palin button on it.

I kid you not.

The premise of the episode setting up this disgraceful political statement weeks before an important election was described by IGN TV (video of segment embedded right, h/t NB reader David M):

With no new MLB playoff game scheduled for Sunday, Family Guy fans will be pleased to know that Stewie and the rest of the Griffin family are back this Sunday with an all-new episode featuring a time-traveling Brian and Stewie.

The guys travel to Poland on the day of the Nazi invasion to rescue Mort who accidentally steps into a time machine. One can only imagine what Hitler will be up to as the trio try to get back to Quahog.

As you can see by the embedded video, after the trio takes uniforms away from three Nazis, Stewie notices the following under his lapel:

Isn't that special?