Lib Talker Schultz Storms Out of Joe the Plumber Debate on 'Fox & Friends'

Liberal talk radio host Ed Schultz stormed out of a "Fox & Friends" debate Friday morning with conservative talk radio host Steve Malzberg that involved Barack Obama's tax plan and the now famous Joe the Plumber.

After discussing the state of the current presidential campaign, the issue of Joe Wurzelbacher -- the Ohio man who recently challenged Obama over how the candidate's tax plan would negatively impact him if he bought into a plumbing business he was looking at -- surfaced.

Malzberg was first up, and claimed that Obama's plan "takes the incentive out of America; that's Marxism, my friend. Marxism."

After a loud guffaw, Schultz responded (video embedded right):

Well, let me speak from experience. EA Schultz Construction is a company run by my two boys, and I can tell you we've looked at both plans, we really like the Obama plan. We're gonna get some tax credits that we wouldn't get under the McCain plan...

At that point, Malzberg smartly asked, "Do you make more than 250, Ed? Does it make more than 250?"

Schultz responded: “I didn’t interrupt you, Steve. I didn't interrupt you."

Malzberg retorted, "I just asked you a perfect question."

Schultz whined, "This happens every time I go on the air with you."

Malzberg chided, “Aw, stop complaining.”

Schultz continued, “You always torpedo everybody you go up against.”

At this point, host Brian Kilmeade simply asked Schultz, "Are they (Democrats) right to attack him?"

Well, that was all Schultz was willing to take, for he then left the chair he was sitting in from his remote location without a word just leaving a screenshot of the books behind him.

Adding an exclamation to Schultz's hysterical display, first Malzberg then Kilmeade walked off the set leaving Gretchen Carlson on the couch by herself.


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