ABC's Tapper Exposes Group Wearing 'Palin is a C***' T-shirts

Although it seems unlikely the disgusting, Sarah Palin-bashing T-shirts my colleague John Stephenson shared with readers today will get much attention from Obama-loving media, at least ABC's Jake Tapper has taken offense.

Writing at his Political Punch blog Sunday, Tapper, who continues to distinguish himself as one of the few impartial journalists still working for a mainstream press outlet, didn't mince words (photo edited for decency):

Who are these people in this photograph?

The picture was taken at Saturday at Philadelphia's Park Hyatt Hotel.

Others who saw the foursome verify the authenticity of this photograph to ABC News' Imtiyaz Delawala, who is traveling with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Why would these four think this is acceptable discourse? [...]


Yes it is, Jake, as is any media outlet that would report on the recent ugliness at McCain-Palin events -- such as Obama being referred to by attendees as a terrorist or an Arab -- without exposing people at Obama-Biden events wearing these t-shirts.

That said, kudos for going where most in your industry won't dare.

P.S. This vulgar epithet is nothing new, for a Google search of "Sarah Palin is a C***" produced 593,000 results. And, from what I can tell, has been selling these t-shirts for weeks, although apparently not any longer.

There's a news story here if there were any journalists left in our nation, dontcha think?

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