WaPo's Cillizza: 'Obama's Speech More Substance Than Style'

Regardless of what Barack Obama said in Denver this evening during his Democrat presidential nomination acceptance speech, it was a metaphysical certitude most mainstream media members would love it.

Such appears to be the case with the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza who quickly posted his opinions concerning the junior senator from Illinois' moment in the sun at the paper's The Fix blog:

Obama's speech was more substance than style; more specifics than rhetorical flourish.

Really, Chris? Could you name some specifics? All I heard was the same laundry list I've been hearing from most Democrat presidential nominees going back to Walter Mondale.

But there was more:

The speech was, by in large, meaty. Obama avoided soaring rhetoric until the final moments of the address perhaps for fear that an address heavy on oratory would be picked apart by Republicans as more evidence that he is heavy on style and light on substance.

You felt this was meaty?

Hmmm. I must have been watching a different station.

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