Make That 58 States: Obama Adds Eau Claire to the List!

In May, Barack Obama said he had visited 57 states in America, and the mainstream media were largely disinterested.

On Sunday, the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee added another to the growing list of united states:

Eau Claire [Wisconsin] is a big important state.

I kid you not (video embedded below the fold):

Should we expect our so-called impartial media to report this gaffe?

On a related note, Obama on Saturday also confused where his running mate Joe Biden is from:

Maybe it's this resiliency, this insistence on overcoming adversity that accounts for Joe Biden's work in the Senate. Time and again, he has made a difference for the people across this country who work long hours and face long hours. This working class kid from Scranton and Washington has always been a friend to the underdog and all who seek a safer and more prosperous America to live their dreams and raise their families.

Actually, the Messiah meant "Wilmington," as there is no Washington in Delaware. Amazingly, George Stephanopoulos mentioned this gaffe on Sunday's "This Week."

This raises an important question: with 2 1/2 months left before Election Day, and Obama's clear cartographical ignorance, just how many states will there be in this country if he actually wins?

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