Former NYTer Judith Miller on Media and National Security

NewsBusters readers should remember Judith Miller as the New York Times reporter that was jailed for 85 days in 2005 for refusing to reveal to a federal grand jury information related to the Valerie Plame affair.

Having resigned from the Times in November 2005, Miller is now an adjunct fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. On Monday, she spoke to WOR radio's Steve Malzberg about first amendment issues related to the press.

In particular, she discussed her views concerning some rather controversial reports that have been published including Dana Priest's foreign prisons piece as well as the NYT's revelations regarding terrorist surveillance (audio link below the fold).

Readers are cautioned that they likely won't agree with everything Miller says. However, this is a very interesting interview that might not only raise some eyebrows, but also give readers the opportunity to hear an investigative journalist's view of the press's responsibility as it relates to national security matters.

14-minute audio available here.

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