Rapper: 'McCain Don't Belong in Any Chair Unless He's Paralyzed'

It goes without saying that most NewsBusters readers are not likely familiar with the rapper known as Ludacris.

However, it seems likely his new "song" and video "Obama is Here" will be getting a lot of attention not only given its strong support for the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, but also due to some of its defamatory remarks towards President Bush, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton.

UPDATE at end of post: Obama campaign responds!

The video is embedded right with offensive lyrics below the fold. Readers are strongly cautioned before starting video or proceeding any further:

I'm back on it like I just signed my record deal
Yeah the best is here, the Bentley Coup paint is dripping wet, it got sex appeal
Never should have hated, you never should've doubted him
With a slot in the President's iPod Obama shattered 'em
Said I handled his biz and I'm one of his favorite rappers
Well give Luda a special pardon if I'm ever in the slammer
Better yet put him in office, make me your vice president
Hillary hated on you, so that b^$&%* is irrelevant
Jesse talking slick and apologizing for what?
If you said it then you meant it how you want it have a gut!
And all you other politicians trying to hate on my man,
Watch us win a majority vote in every state on my man
You can't stop what's bout to happen, we bout to make history
The first black president is destined and it's meant to be
The threats ain't fazing us, the nooses or the jokes
So get off your ass, black people, it's time to get out and vote!
Paint the White House black and I'm sure that's got 'em terrified
McCain don't belong in ANY chair unless he's paralyzed
Yeah I said it cause Bush is mentally handicapped
Ball up all of his speeches and I throw em like candy wrap
Cause what you talking I hear nothing even relevant
and you the worst of all 43 presidents
Get out and vote or the end will be near
The world is ready for change because Obama is here!
The world is ready for change because Obama is here!

How soon will Ludacris be invited on all the morning broadcast network talk shows to discuss this piece as well as his support for Obama?

*****Update: Ben Smith at Politico reports...

Barack Obama's campaign is condemning a song by the rapper Ludacris that praises Obama and bitterly attacks Senators Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

"As Barack Obama has said many, many times in the past, rap lyrics today too often perpetuate misogyny, materialism, and degrading images that he doesn’t want his daughters or any children exposed to," said spokesman Bill Burton. "This song is not only outrageously offensive to Senator Clinton, Reverend Jackson, Senator McCain, and President Bush, it is offensive to all of us who are trying to raise our children with the values we hold dear. While Ludacris is a talented individual he should be ashamed of these lyrics."

Interesting tightrope, wouldn't you agree? After all, Ludacris is a VERY popular rapper, and not just in the young black community. Young white folk like his work as well.

Can Obama say Ludacris "should be ashamed of these lyrics" and not offend young voters that LOVE them?

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