Penn & Teller Expose Socialist Roots To Environmental Hysteria

In 2003, Showtime's Penn & Teller program with a name not appropriate above the fold -- unless, of course, you're a member of the Netroots! -- marvelously exposed what's behind the global warming and environmental hysteria in America today.

The videos have just come available on YouTube.

In part one (embedded right), the comedy team accurately depicted environmentalists as political and social activists who use green rhetoric to "cloak agendas that actually have more to do with anti-corporatism, anti-globalization, anti-business, and very little to do with science and ecology."

Exactly. Parts two and three are embedded below the fold with a warning that these videos contain mild vulgarity. Actually, it's typically one word that most shouldn't find too offensive for it properly characterizes what's behind all this nonsense:

How delicious.

In reality, there's so much in these three videos, highlighting anything is unfair.

However, in part one, Jillette beautifully stated:

It's important to note that if you're pro-socialism, or anti-globalism, or anti-corporation, those are all fine, debatable ideas. But couching them in environmentalism is bullshit! Just say what you mean. Don't say, "Corporations are bad because the water is worse today," because the water ISN'T worse today! We're not going to say there are no good arguments to socialism, but the environment ain't one of them!

EXACTLY! Bravo! Encore!

*****Update: This episode first aired on April 3, 2003. I'm still looking for video of the "Being Green" episode which aired this past Thursday. Will share it when I find it.

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