Sunday Funnies: 'The Greatest Obama Story Ever Told'

As NewsBusters reported Sunday, comedians claim to be having a tough time finding material to write about the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Well, the following satirical book -- let me reiterate that this is satirical! -- entitled "The Audacity of the Dope" proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that America's so-called funny men just aren't trying hard enough.

Posted at the website The People's Cube, this is guaranteed to make open-minded folks of all political persuasions chuckle...hopefully.

And please remember before you go below the fold, this is all a joke and meant in good fun. If you can't find humor in this man, please go no further (h/t NBer Viper):


Barack Obama was born Steven Urkel in a log cabin near Springfield, Illinois. His father was a militant piano tuner from one of those African countries where they change the national boundaries every other week. His mother was a loan officer at the Oppressed Proletariat Bank and Trust Company where she spent her days rejecting loans to people who had little more to cling to than God and guns. As a communist, she hated that her job forced her to oppress the poor and disenfranchised; but, also as a communist, she loved power and control so she threw herself into her work with alacrity. His father, not finding a large number of militant pianos in the American Great Plains, left the fledgling family for places with more bellicose musical tastes, leaving young Steven and his mom to fight capitalism alone.

That's offered as a tease. Read the whole thing.

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