Headline: 'Global Warming Causing California Glacier to Grow'

From the "You've Got To Be Kidding Me" department: "Global Warming Causing California Glacier to Grow, Scientists Say."

What? Hasn't Nobel Laureate Al Gore and every climate alarmist in the media been warning us that global warming is causing glaciers to melt, and that we're all going to die if we don't do something about it?

Well, not so fast, because according to the CBC, much like climate change can cause droughts AND torrential rains, it now seems the tricky little devil can make glaciers grow too (emphasis added, better stow fluids and sharp objects):

The glaciers on Mount Shasta in California are growing because of global warming, experts say.

"When people look at glaciers around the world, the majority of them are shrinking," said Slawek Tulaczyk, a University of California, Santa Cruz, professor who studied the glaciers.

But the seven glaciers on Shasta, part of the Cascade mountains in northern California, "seem to be benefiting from the warming ocean," he said.

As the ocean warms, more moisture evaporates. As moisture moves inland, it falls as snow — enough on Shasta to more than offset a 1 C temperature rise in the past century.

Hmmm. That's not what NASA said in March, as reported by Green Daily (emphasis added):

Researchers with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory studying temperature changes in the world's oceans are finding no evidence of heating up in the last 5 years or so.

Scientists have been working with a program called Argo, which looks at ocean temperatures using robotic buoys which dive down to three thousand feet to collect data. Since the study began in 2003, measurements have not only failed to find evidence of warming, but in fact have picked up a slight cooling trend.

Well, maybe the Banana Slugs of Santa Cruz hadn't heard about this NASA study...or didn't care.

Update: NBer danbo rightly states in the comments section that the average yearly temperature has declined in the Mt. Shasta area since the '90s:

Isn't it also interesting that the temperature in Shasta for the past three years has been lower than some of the years prior to WWI?

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