More Obama Gaffes Media Will Ignore

For several weeks, NewsBusters has been reporting a number of serious gaffes and misstatements by Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama that his adoring fans in the media are diligently keeping from the American people.

After all, if your goal is to get this man elected at all costs, you certainly don't want folks to see him stumbling on his words while he's campaigning. Such coverage is only reserved for Republican candidates making the occasional faux pas.

With that in mind, Gateway Pundit found a couple of whoppers made by Obama while at a Town Hall meeting in Bristol, Virginia, Thursday that are guaranteed to be ignored by our supposedly impartial press.

Embedded right is the junior senator from Illinois having a hard time explaining war funding costs, while after the jump he seems quite clueless about healthcare issues:

Can you imagine the attention that would be given to such gaffes if made by Sen. McCain?

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